Opunit 🕵️‍♂️

Simple tool for doing sanity checks on vms, and containers and remote servers. Written in pure node.js

Opunit uses a configuration file (opunit.yml) in the /test directory of you project. This is an example opunit.yml file. By running opunit verify in the root directory of your project, opunit runs the checks defined in the configuration file on the environment of your project; this can be a VM, container or even a remote server.

- group:
    description: "Basic checks for startup"
      - availability:
          port: 8080
          status: 200
          url: /
            cmd: node app.js
            wait_for: Started Application
      - version:
         cmd: mysql --version
         range: ^8.x.x
      - version:
         cmd: node --version
         range: ^10.x.x

Then run:

$ opunit verify

example report

Samim Mirhosseini
Samim Mirhosseini
Ph.D. student in Computer Science

My research interests include DevOps, Software Engineering and Automating all the things.